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We are dedicated breeders of bearded dragon colour morphs, we are working with all the major morphs including Translucents, hypos, leatherbacks and Silkbacks, as well as extreme reds and yellows. We are aiming to produce top quality dragons in various morphs, we have dragons from top breeders here in England and also from major breeders in the USA and Europe.

By sourcing our dragons from different bloodlines we can breed them together knowing that no inbreeding is taking place. We will be crossing the different morphs to create stunning dragons, these dragons will be offered for sale on the available page the very best of these will be staying in our collection and can be viewed in the dragon gallery. Bearded dragons are becoming the most popular exotic pet to have in the 21st century! They are very interactive and love attention from humans. Bearded dragons are great pets for adults or children, and are often used in schools as class pets. A Bearded dragon takes up much less space than a dog or cat and is much less messy. Have a look around and see what everyone is raving about!

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What is DragonMorphs?

We are private breeders of bearded dragons. We offer bearded dragons for sale year round. Choosing to buy directly from a breeder assures you get a top quality, healthy, high colour bearded dragon. Check out our free Bearded Dragon care sheet for some basic husbandry information. We offer many different colour morphs of bearded dragons including: Hypos, Extremes, Silkbacks, Leatherbacks & more. Visit our available bearded dragons page to see Bearded Dragons for Sale. Get ready for a new generation of bearded dragons in the U.K. We are excited to offer bearded dragon babies for sale . As soon as babies hatch we will start posting pictures and the date which each clutch will be ready for sale. I have been collecting different blood lines from across Europe and America to offer the best quality out crossed bloodlines from morphs such as translucent, hypo, Witblits, leatherback, Dunners, Silkback and axanthic. In 2011 we crossed some of these morphs to create the first Hypo Trans Silkback produced in England. In 2013 we produced the first Hypo Leather Dunner in the U.K. and in 2014 we hope to be producing more quality first time morphs in the U.K.

What are Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons are very successful in captivity and are one of the favourites among hobbyists and experts alike. They have a very friendly nature towards people, and are very calm when they grow into adults. Juveniles are generally very active but still very friendly, and even make good pets for children. Pogona have an average life span of 10–20 years, although some have been known to live longer. Pogona are very good pets for new reptile owners because of their hardiness and also they do not bite humans. The genus is in the subfamily Agaminae of the family Agamidae. Their characteristics include spiny scales arranged in rows and clusters. These are found on the throat, which can be expanded when threatened, and at the back of the head. The species also displays a hand-waving gesture, thought to draw an attack from any predator that may be in the area, however this can also be used as a form of communication between the species.

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